THS Tzedakah Form


It is customary, although not obligatory, to make a contribution on the occasion of a wonderful Simcha such as the Bar/Bat Mitzvah of a child. All contributions will be recognized by the Temple. (Please print this page and return it to the Temple Office along with your check, payable to Temple Har Shalom, to the Temple Bookkeeper. Or, if you prefer, you may make your donation on our website at




In honor of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah of our child, ____________________________, the _____________________________________Family would like to make (a)
contribution(s) to the following Temple Har Shalom Tzedakah Fund(s):

Tzedakah                                                                Education

□ Rabbi Musnitsky’s Discretionary                      □ Education Fund

□ Cantor Berman’s Discretionary                         □ Mountain Top

□ Caring Committee                                                □ Carol Cohen Davis Lectureship

Mitzvah Action Committee                                □ Pila Scholarship

□ Knead to Feed


Enhancements                                                     Service Organizations

□ Cemetery Beautification Fund                           □ Men’s Club

□ General Fund                                                        □ Sisterhood

□ Library Fund                                                         □ HSTY (Youth Group)

□ Music Fund

□ Sanctuary Prayer Book ($36)

□ Torah Commentary ($72)

Thank you and Mazel Tov on your Simcha!