TD Bank


The TD Bank Affinity Membership Program is a partnership between TD Bank and Temple Har Shalom to aid in our fundraising efforts, at no cost to our members.

TD Bank donates its own money to THS based on a percentage of the average balance of all linked TD Bank Affinity Program accounts. THS does not receive any information from TD Bank regarding your account balances or any other personal information. Just stop by a TD Bank Store, open an account and request your account(s) balances be part of the TD Affinity Banking Program. THS members, who are currently TD Bank customers, can also request to have their TD accounts added to the Affinity Program.

Here’s How It Works

TD Bank will make an annual donation to our organization based upon the average annual balance of all linked accounts. Eligible accounts include business and personal checking, savings, money market, CD, and retirement. If you have any questions prior to linking your account, please contact the THS office and ask to speak with Karen Ehrenberg, THS Co-President.

Our local bank branches are located on 63 Mountain Blvd, 908-561-6271 and 154 Liberty Corner Rd, 908-604-7929.