Shofar Sept Oct 2016 – Yahrzeits

Yahrzeit List from Friday, September 2, 2016 to Friday, November 4, 2016


Friday, September 2 – Saturday, September 3

to be read Friday, September 9

Alvin Berman, father-in-law of Belinda Berman

Harriette Fieger Chelnik, grandmother of Melissa Katz

Irving Cohen, uncle of Fred Posniak

Andrea Goodzeit, sister of Maggie Goodzeit

Samuel Greenberg, grandfather of Sherry Habas

Edward H. Harvitt, father of Eric Harvitt

Harriet Hoffman, grandmother of Jeffrey Goldstein

Leroy Jacobs, uncle of Doreen Fischer

Sharon Kornman, sister of Helene Feinberg

Ann Phillips, mother of Amy Hecht

Rose Pila, grandmother of Jay Pila

Emanuel Scheyer, grandfather of Richard Scheyer

Paul Schwitzer, grandfather of Allison Tankel

Mildred Weinstein, mother of Abby Rosenberg


Friday, September 9 – Saturday, September 10

Roy G. Beck, father of Robert Beck

Deanna Benoliel, sister of Ron Schneiderman

Dorothy Blackstone, mother-in-law of Melissa Blackstone

Frank Colman, father Sean Colman

Frieda Kaufman, grandmother of Randi Ross

Maxwell Klausner, brother of Francine Gold

Harold Liebeskind, father of Stuart Liebeskind

Mortimer Meyer, father of Joseph Meyer

David Lewis Meyer, brother of Joseph Meyer

Phyllis Musnitsky, mother of Rabbi Musnitsky

Joan Geary Slattery, mother of Joseph Slattery

Lester Weiner, father of Rachel Freedberg


Friday, September 16 – Saturday, September 17

Samuel Bender, father of Joel Bender

Sol Besserman, father of Eva Besserman

David Brociner, grandfather of David Brociner

Henry Ralph Danielson, father of Lawrence Danielson

Myrna Drake, sister of Paul Gold

James M. Gartenberg, husband of Jill Pila & father of Nicole and Jamie

Warren Goldberg, uncle of Ronald Goldberg

Denise Hertzberg, sister of Richard Hertzberg

Jonathan Ostroff, brother of Jeffrey Ostroff

Louise Some, mother of Andrea Some Elmquist

Marta Uglade, mother of Manuel Morales


Friday, September 23 – Saturday, September 24

Pail Bornstein, father of Linda Hertzberg

Lawrence Getz, father of Carol Miller

Hyman Hoffman, grandfather of Jeffrey Goldstein

Shirley Schaffer, grandmother of Peg Black

Samuel Schwartzstein, father of Dan Schwartzstein

Elizabeth Turner, mother of Vicki Pressman


Friday, September 30 – Saturday, October 1

Willi Arndt, father of Cheryl Opell

Roger Clott, father of Matthew Clott

Helen Coronado, grandmother of Tara Kanofsky

Jamie Elliott, nephew of Adrienne Frankel

George Epstein, father of Robert Epstein

Ada Erlanger, aunt of Richard Weinstein

Nat Herskowitz, father of Julie By

Isadora Hertzberg, mother of Richard Hertzberg

James Leopold, father of Gail Pester

Jack Marcus, father of Pamela Zitman

Hannah Rappaport, mother of Elaine Rubenstein

William Rock, grandfather of Jenny Carroll

Clara Scheyer, grandmother of Richard Scheyer

Ruth Schuander, grandmother of Lewis Borinsky

Samuel Waskover, father of Jan Goldenberg

Earl Yongelson, father of Marc Youngelson


Friday, October 7 – Saturday, October 8

Gladys Bleich, grandmother Glen Friedman

Sara Bloch, mother of Yaacov Bloch

Len Brown, father of Sharon Reilly

Daniel Chariker, grandfather of Elizabeth Bloch

Josef Ganz, father of Erwin Ganz

Samuel Goldring, father of Richard Goldring

Freda Goldwasser, grandmother of Audrey Cohen Sherwyn

Zachary Grunstein, son of John & Helene Grunstein

Edwin Jacobson, father of Carol Weiss

Minnie Kanofsky, grandmother of Arie Kanofsky

Henry Morris Kaplan, father of Rabbi Kaplan

Alan Mark Kelsey, father of Eugene Kelsey

Kenneth Liroff, father of Erica Grossberg

Jack Mitnick, father of Steven Mitnick

Edward Olesky, father of Jonathan Olesky

Cindi Pila, wife of Jay Pila & mother of Arielle & Ross Pila

Edward Stomel, grandfather of Dawn Saunders

David B. Strauss, Jr. father of Dary Ruderman


Friday, October 14 – Saturday, October 15

Norbert Goldenberg, father of David Goldenberg

Herbert L. Green, father of Mark Green

Marilyn Liroff, mother of Erica Grossberg

Harry Milden, father of Helene Ludwig

Esther Pardo, grandmother of Erica Grossberg

Lincoln Steinhardt, father of Joanne Steinhardt


Friday, October 21 – Saturday, October 22

Rita Barasch, mother of Susan Barasch

David Black, father of Peg Black

Solomon Gratch, father of Beth Goldstein

Joyce Gratch, mother of Beth Goldstein

Esther Green, mother of Norma Sokolowsky

Morton E. Klein, father of Robin Snyder

Laurence Kolman, father of Michele Pomeranz

Edythe Levin, mother of Brandt Levin

Lionel Paradise, grandfather of Gregg Paradise

Daniel Percell, father of Marion Fish

Mildred Rock, mother of Jan Zubrow

David Solomon, father of Jill Hoffman


Friday, October 28 – Saturday, October 29

Henry Berger, father of Doug Berger

Sara Bodin, grandmother of Melissa Ruck

Dora, Boguslavsky, mother of Svetlana Zamikhovsky

Max Brick, grandfather of Marty Knopf

Jacob “Pete” Levin, father of Bruce Levin

Alan J. Post, father of Justin Post

Dennis Schneider, father of Rachel Mehta

Harry L. Zeitels, father of Jerrold Zeitels