Shofar Sept Oct 2016 – Tributes


Thank you to all of our donors for your generosity. Tributes are gifts of tzedakah that you can send to others to acknowledge milestones and remember loved ones. Tributes are published in the Shofar and recipients receive a card, sent to their home. To send a tribute, visit the donations section of the Temple website at You can designate which fund you would like your money to support. In addition to the funds mentioned below, tribute funds can also be directed to the Block Fund, Brick Fund, Carol Cohen Davis Lectureship Fund, HSTY Fund, Library Fund, Men’s Club, Mountain Top School for Young Children Fund, Pila Children’s Fund, Sisterhood, Torah Commentary Fund, and Tree of Life Leaf Purchase.


Donations from June 13, 2016 to August 17, 2016


Rabbi Musnitsky’s Discretionary Fund

In appreciation

Dolores & Albert Berlin 


In memory of Dolores Pam

Alan Kreisbuch


Wishing a speedy recovery to Lawrence F. Kramer

Gene Deutsch


In honor of Marissa and Adam Goldstein’s Graduations

The Haratz Family


In memory of Maria Zamikhousky

Alexander Zamikhovsky


In appreciation for Jordana’s baby naming

Allison & Eric Pressman


In memory of Leonard Scheinholtz

Barry Scheinholtz


In memory of Irwin Kabak

Michelle Weisman


In memory of Joan Krantz

Stefanie Vanderbeck


In memory of Albert Deutsch

Gene Deutsch


In memory of Emanuel Scheyer

Richard Scheyer


In appreciation for our grandson Eddie’s baby naming

Susan & Jonathan Olesky


In memory of Ann Winikoff

Enid and Robert Winikoff


Cantor Berman’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of Irwin Kabak

Michelle Weisman


In memory of Edwin Essenfeld

Bernice Essenfeld

Amy Doliner


In memory of Jacob Lehrman

Bernice Essenfeld


In memory of Rosalind Brueck Spielvogel

Susan Spielvogel


In memory of Oscar Rubin

Mindy & Steven Kaye


In memory of Joan Krantz

Stefanie Vanderbeck


In memory of Andrea Goodzeit

Maggie Goodzeit



In memory of Adam Gregory Friedland

Carol Berson

The Costa Family

Laurie & Michael Kaye

Doris E. Niederauer & Tracy Ann Davies

The Wayne Saunders Family

Ruth K. Skudera

The Soled Family

Libby and Allen Weingarten


Caring Committee

In memory of Estelle Kern

Elinor & Rene Weidenfeld


In memory of Jesse F. Flynn

Maggie Goodzeit & Daniel Flynn


Carol Cohen Davis Lectureship

In memory of Carol Cohen Davis

Andy Davis


In memory of Jane Davis

Andy Davis


Knead to Feed

In memory of Sam Milton Weisberg

Allan Weisberg


In memory of Lois Corbin

Richard Corbin


In memory of Seymour Stein, father of Jonathan Stein

The Feuer Family


In honor of the birth of Jane & Gene Kelsey’s granddaughter, Margo Elise

The Feuer Family


In honor of Sandi Ganz’s birthday

Helene Ludwig


In memory of Milton Gerstman

Ned Gerstman


In memory of Tess Balsam

Sharon Reilly


Mitzvah Action Committee

In memory of Elaine Berman

Michael Berman


In memory of Sanford Berman

Michael Berman


Sanctuary Prayer Book Fund 

In memory of Ida Goldenberg

Ann & Richard Menken

Meredith, Brian & Brooke Rampone


In memory of Lester Edwin

Susan & Ron Schneiderman


THS General Fund

In memory of Michael Ludwig

Helene & Jay Ludwig


In honor of Barbara Howard’s birthday

Isabel & Stanley Levin


In honor of Barbara & Murray Howard’s anniversary

Isabel & Stanley Levin