Shofar Sept Oct 2016 – Birthdays and Anniversaries


Temple Har Shalom acknowledges the milestones in the lives of our Congregants on special birthdays (starting at age 35) and anniversaries in multiples of 5 years. If, for some reason, we have missed your milestone or that of a member of your family, please help us by informing the Temple office at 732-356-8777, ext. 100. 

Mazel Tov to the following Congregants:

September Anniversaries:

Anna & Jacob Bryant

Susan & Jerrold Zeitels

October Anniversaries:

Lauren & Shawn Nisse


September Milestone Birthdays:

Pamela Friedman

Maggie Goodzeit

Joseph Gruber

Eric Harvitt

Rhushabh Mehta

Rhonda Rich

Daniel Richmond

Bonnie Seagull

Jaimee Katz Sussner

October Milestone Birthdays:

Cherie Berger

Peg Black

Peter Cooper

Bernice Essenfield

Rachel Freedberg

Nina Lehrhaupt

Eric Mandelbaum

Clerio Martins

Simone Morales

Mindy Rodden

Debby Scheinholtz

Stephanie Setzer

Larry Shapiro

Dana Silbert

Steven Weiss