Renting Temple Har Shalom Facility Space:
If you have further questions, please contact Office Manager, Karen Anolick at or 732.356.8777 ext.100.

 Is it possible to rent space at the Temple for a Shabbat Dinner or a Kiddush Luncheon?
You can make arrangements to rent space at the Temple through Karen Anolick, the Temple’s Office Manager, for either a dinner or a luncheon.

When do I notify the Temple that I am interested in renting space in the facility?
You should notify the Temple Office at least six months in advance that you would like to rent space. Rental of the Social Hall and Rear of the Sanctuary is on a first come first serve basis. If you are having a double B’nai Mitzvah, you can consider sharing the Kiddush Luncheon for your guests after your Shabbat Morning Service.

How many people can be seated comfortably in the Rear of the Sanctuary and Social Hall? What are the rental fees for each room?
The Rear of the Sanctuary can seat 125 people. The Social Hall can seat 250 people without a dance floor and 225 people with a dance floor. The current rental fees for THS members are as follows: Rear of the Sanctuary – $350 for up to two hours; Social Hall – $400 for up to two hours. Each additional hour or part thereof for either space is $100. There is also a refundable security deposit of $200. All fees are subject to change.

 May I use the Temple’s tables and chairs?
You may use the Temple’s tables and chairs for your event. The Temple has ten 60”-round tables that can seat 8 – 10 people. There are also ten 72”-round tables that seat 10 – 12 people and are only used in the Social Hall. There are also 6-foot rectangular tables that are available for use in either room.

Will the Temple provide tablecloths, plasticware and coffee/tea set up?
The Temple does not provide you with linens (including plastic), plates, cups, napkins plasticware or coffee/tea service.

Does the Temple have a food policy for events and celebrations?
All event menus must be Kosher, Dairy-only, Vegetarian, or Kosher-style.  Event menus must be provided to the Temple Office for review at the time you submit your reservation form or sixty (60) days prior to your function.

Does the Temple have a list of caterers?
The Temple has a list of caterers whom have been used by Congregants for their events. The caterers listed are ones that abide by the Temple Rental Policy Statement in terms of use of the kitchen and clean up. This list is subject to change. You can request the list from Karen Anolick, the Temple Office Manager.

How do I arrange for delivery and pick-up of rental supplies?
Either you or your caterer is responsible for the delivery and pickup of supplies. You must clear all times with Manny Morales, our Chief of Maintenance.

Is a custodian on the premises during our event?
Yes. Manny Morales, our Chief of Maintenance, is on the premises during your event.