Tributes and Donations


Sometimes a small gesture goes very far to making someone’s day, week or year! Temple Har Shalom is proud to provide both congregants and visitors alike with a way in which to honor someone or their memory by giving a tribute to the Temple on their behalf.

Tributes and donations can be made to honor a simcha (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, etc.) or in honor of a loved one’s memory.

We utilize PayPal for a safe and secure transaction. Congregants & visitors can feel free to use their own PayPal accounts or any major credit card for their tribute payment.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to email our Office Manager, Karen Anolick at

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ATIDLogoFinalATID Campaign
Temple Har Shalom’s campaign to update the building (most notably, building a much-needed elevator), reconfigure the Bimah and Sanctuary for accessibility and to provide funding for additional programming.

Block Donation

Donate and dedicate a paving block in the Temple main entranceway ($200 per block)

Brick Donation
Donate and dedicate a paving brick in the Temple main entranceway ($126 with check. If paying by credit card, there is a 3% convenience fee and the charge is $129.78)

Caring Committee Fund
A fund that provides meals and other support for Congregants who have suffered a recent loss or illness in their family

Carol Cohen Davis Lectureship Fund
A fund established in honor of Carol Cohen Davis with the intent that the lectureship should provide an annual opportunity to educate the community about issues affecting women in today’s world and inspire them to take action and bring about change

Cemetery Beautification Fund
The Cemetery Beautification Fund provides for the beautification of Temple Har Shalom’s Cemetery.

Clergy Discretionary Funds
Funds apportioned by the clergy for support of personal, community and tzedakah-based projects and programs

Rabbi Musnitsky’s Discretionary Fund
Cantor Berman’s Discretionary Fund

Education Fund
A fund that directly contributes to well-being and enrichment of our Religious School programming

Tzedakah Fund
A fund provided for general donations to Temple Har Shalom

HSTY (Youth Group) Tribute
A tribute made to support HSTY (the Temple Har Shalom High School Youth Group) and other youth programming


KneadtoFeedKnead-To-Feed Tribute
A tribute made to the Knead-To-Feed Challah Kitchen at Har Shalom – All tributes go directly to help feed the hungry


Leaf Donation

Donate and dedicate a “leaf” to be placed on our Tree of Life in the Temple atrium

Library Tribute Fund
A fund that allows for purchase of books and other upgrades to our Temple library

Men’s Club Donation

Mitzvah Action Committee Donation
A donation made to support the work of the Mitzvah Action Committee in their mission of Tikkun Olam & Social Action

Mountain Top Tribute
A donation made to support Temple Har Shalom’s preschool, Mountain Top School for Young Children

Music Fund 
The Music Fund is designed to support the Temple’s cantorial and music programs.

Pila Children’s Fund
A fund established by the Pila family to provide financial assistance for children seeking advancement in their Jewish education (including Religious School, summer camp, NFTY programming, trips to Israel, etc.)

Sanctuary Prayerbook Donation
Donate a Mishkan T’filah siddur/prayerbook to be placed in our Sanctuary (minimum donation $54)

Sisterhood Donation

Yahrzeit Plaque Donation
Dedicate a yahrzeit plaque to hang forever in our Sanctuary in honor of a loved one