Rabbi Musnitsky, Cantor Berman and the Temple Har Shalom Board “breaking ground” for the Temple elevator – June 15, 2017.

ATID construction 2017  Elevator and entrance construction begins!


 The elevator has arrived – assembly required – March 2019!



Our Sanctuary bimah is fully accessible thanks to ATID Donors! We have received full approval by Warren Township for a new entranceway, elevator and outside signage. There is a full display of our future plans outside the Sanctuary. Please see what your contributions have and will accomplish.

Thank you to all who have made ATID possible, but there is still more to be done. Please consider helping THS and supporting our future.

Feel free to reach out to the campaign Co-Chairs directly should you have any questions: Sheri Kole or (732) 805-0005 or Eric Mandelbaum or (908) 256-2287.

We are also happy to announce that we have secured pledges of $1.5 million toward our overall goal of $2 million!

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For more information, feel free to contact:

Eric Mandelbaum     Sheri Kole



THS Honoring our Past




Temple Har Shalom was established in 1970 by five families. Who could imagine how our congregational family would grow? Since our founding, we have encouraged Jewish spiritual fulfillment, developed extensive educational programs for children and adults, and joined together in celebration and in friendship. We are a vibrant Jewish community drawing members from fourteen different towns in New Jersey. Since our beginning, we have prided ourselves on creating a truly caring community that is dedicated to Jewish values and traditions. 

THS Fulfilling our vision




According to Jewish tradition, each generation builds on contributions of those who came before them. Today, Temple Har Shalom is a dynamic center of Jewish religious, educational, cultural and social activities. Our vision is to honor the past and become a relevant congregation in the 21st century. Temple Har Shalom is a place to enrich our spirits, welcome our members as family and touch the lives of others.

THS Meeting our Goals

The goal of the ATID campaign is to raise $2 million. Now is the time for us as a congregation to step up to this exciting and significant challenge. Our plan includes:

      • Facilitating handicap accessibility throughout our Temple, including an elevator
      • Creating a singular welcoming entrance that unifies our building
      • Modernizing the sanctuary with updated technology and flexible worship space including an accessible bima
      • Creating gathering space for more social interactions
      • Expanding and enhancing our programming
      • Ensuring the Temple’s short and long-term future by creating financial stability

The gifts that we give, our tzedakah, will be in the great Jewish heritage of giving, connecting us to values and ideals that give our lives meaning and purpose.

THS Preserving our Future

It is now time for us to plan for the years to come, and to provide room for our dreams to flourish. The last time we made an appeal for an expansion and renovation was more than fifteen years ago; now it is our obligation to bring our Temple into the 21st century. By doing so, we keep our Temple alive and dynamic, maintain our history and create a future for our children and their children. We as a synagogue have been given the sacred opportunity and task to commit ourselves to creating a physical environment of inclusion and at the same time ensure the vitality of our Jewish community with the financial security needed to preserve our future. 

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