Atid – update letter March 2016


March 7, 2016

Dear Fellow Congregant,

We wanted to tell you what we’ve accomplished with respect to upgrading the facility as part of the ATID campaign.  

As we previously announced we have hired Callori Architects who have tremendous experience working on projects similar to ours.  A subgroup of the ATID Building Committee has been meeting with them since the end of last year reviewing and commenting on proposed plans.  The architect has done a great job giving us much to think about as we address building accessibility and other goals of the campaign.  This is critical so that we can prioritize our work based on the amount of money raised which is, to date, short of our $2 million goal.    The committee is close to finalizing the plans for presentation to the THS Board of Trustees.  In addition, we hired an engineer who along with Callori are working to prepare the plans and other documents required in order to receive approval to proceed with our improvements. On behalf of the entire congregation we thank Eric Harvitt and Dawn Heifetz who have volunteered their expertise and their time guiding us through the process.  

As part of the planning process several building walkthroughs have been required; we have been looking to see what, if any, capital improvements may be needed so that, if it makes sense,  we can try to address them during the construction phase minimizing further disruption.  As soon as the plans are finalized and approved by the Board, an announcement will be made and renderings will be in the atrium of the Temple for everyone to see.  

Enhanced programming was also a goal of the ATID campaign and we are making progress there as well.  We hope that there will be additional announcements about those efforts in the very near future!

We thank everyone for their support in making ATID a success.  If you have any questions or can help us fulfill our mission and our dreams by making a pledge (or increasing an existing pledge) or donating your time and talent, please contact either one of us.  

Warmest regards,

Sheri Kole and Eric Mandelbaum; 732-805-0005; 908-256-2287