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Explore Morocco with Rabbi Musnitsky

December 22 - 31, 2017

As a synagogue we are so much more than a "house of worship" or a "religious school." Our outreach in helping "to repair the world" through tikkun olam solidifies our mission as a partner in the sacred work of serving others rather than just ourselves. It also encompasses the need to be educated and knowledgeable about the Jewish world outside our immediate surroundings. This is why I instituted regular trips to Israel in order to foster meaningful connections with our homeland and her people.

Building upon our successes, and in response to numerous requests, I am now extending our Temple Har Shalom travel program by creating a Jewish Heritage tour to Morocco this December 22nd - 31st, 2017. Created for adults and families, this exotic trip combines an up close and integrated visit with Moroccan Jewish life which throughout its history was the largest Jewish community in the Muslim world. It will be possible to experience a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in one of the great synagogues!

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I look forward to traveling and sharing this magical Congregational experience with you!


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