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Temple Har Shalom Gift Card (Scrip) Fundraising Program


THS Enrollment Code: LD3B73C634654

We know how tired of donation requests and fundraising efforts we all are. This is a MAJOR FUNDRAISING PROGRAM that only asks for you to use these scrip (gift) cards through THS and help support our Temple and Mountain Top School!

It doesn't cost you extra! 

What is scrip?

Scrip is a special kind of gift card issued by merchants to help non-profit organizations raise much-needed funds. For every scrip gift card purchased, merchants rebate to non-profits anywhere from 1.5% - 18%. For example, a Temple Har Shalom congregant or Mountain Top parent who purchases a $100 scrip card to their favorite store will generate an immediate rebate to Temple Har Shalom of $1.50 to $18. Using scrip gift cards does not cost you anything extra.

 FAQ - Your questions answered about Scrip

Lets Get Started! - Follow this link for instructions on how to set up a 

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